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PDEPhosphodiesteraseRate it:
PDEPermitted Daily ExposureRate it:
PDE5phosphodiesterase type 5Rate it:
PDGFPlatelet Derived Growth FactorRate it:
PDHPyruvate DeHydrogenaseRate it:
PDPParallel Distributed PerceptronsRate it:
PDRPhysician's Desk ReferenceRate it:
PDUPropaneDiol UtilizationRate it:
PDWPlatlet Distribution WidthRate it:
PEPressure EqualizationRate it:
PEAPhenyl Ethyl AmineRate it:
PEELPittsburgh Experimental Economics LaboratoryRate it:
PEGpolyethylene glycolRate it:
PeridperoxidaseRate it:
PERTPancreatic Enzyme Replacement TherapyRate it:
PESpotential energy surfaceRate it:
PETParaffin-Embedded TissueRate it:
PETPositron Emission TomographyRate it:
PET (scan)positron emission tomographic (scan)Rate it:
PETAPeople for the Ethical Treatment of AnimalsRate it:
PFCperfluorinated compoundRate it:
PFCSGPelvic Floor Clinical Studies GroupRate it:
PFGEpulsed-field gel electrophoresisRate it:
PFK1phosphofructokinase-1Rate it:
PFK26-phosphofrocto-2-kinase/fructose-2,6-biphosphataseRate it:

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