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PBIprotein-bound iodineRate it:
PBPPs Binding ProteinRate it:
PBSCCPeripheral Blood Stem Cells CollectionRate it:
PBTPersistent, Bioaccumulative, and ToxicRate it:
PCParent CellRate it:
PCPrimitive CellRate it:
PCPlacebo ControlledRate it:
PCPacked red blood CellsRate it:
PCCCPolyCapillary Conical CollimatorRate it:
PCISPatient Care Information SystemRate it:
PCLEPatient Centered Laboratory ExcellenceRate it:
PCLIPlasma Cell Labeling IndexRate it:
PCLSPhysicians Choice Laboratory ServicesRate it:
PCLSPrecision Cut Lung SlicesRate it:
PCLSPrecision Cut Liver SlicesRate it:
PCNAProliferating Cell Nuclear AntigenRate it:
PCNAproliferative cell nuclear antigenRate it:
PCOPosterior Capsular OpacityRate it:
PCO2Partial Pressure of Carbon DioxideRate it:
PCRpolymerase chain reactionRate it:
PCRProtein Catabolic RateRate it:
PCVpacked cell volumeRate it:
PCVPolyCythemia VeraRate it:
PCYp-CYmeneRate it:
PCYDPp-CYmene Degradation PathwayRate it:

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