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Browse 334 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Latin terminology and jargon.

OFMOrdo Fratrum Minorum/LatinRate it:
OP CITOpere CitatoRate it:
OTLOrdo Templi LuciferiRate it:
OTOOrdo Templi OrientisRate it:
OTSOrdo Templi SensibiliumRate it:
OTSOrdus Templii SensibiliaRate it:
PPhiRate it:
PPaxRate it:
PPrimaRate it:
P/SPost ScriptumRate it:
PAXPeaceRate it:
PCProntor CompurRate it:
PCPatres ConscriptiRate it:
PER CENTPer CentumRate it:
PFPublii FiliusRate it:
PGPatrologia GraecaeRate it:
PHPotentia HydrogeniiRate it:
PILAPrinceton in Latin AmericaRate it:
PITPer Iter TenebricosumRate it:
PLEBSPlebeians; One of middle or lower class.Rate it:
PMPost MeridiemRate it:
PMPro MemoriaRate it:
POPer Os (Latin: by mouth, orally)Rate it:
PPPater PatriaeRate it:
PPPer ProcurationemRate it:

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