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Browse 31,650 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Military terminology and jargon.

TLMCTime Limits Maintenance CheckRate it:
TLNTotal Logistics NetworkRate it:
TLOTop- Level ObjectiveRate it:
TLOSTarget Location and Observation SystemRate it:
TLPTube Launched ProjectileRate it:
TLPTactical Leadership ProgramRate it:
TLQTransient Living QuartersRate it:
TLRTrailerRate it:
TLRTop Level RequirementRate it:
TLRTracking, Locating, RecoveryRate it:
TLSTop Level SpecificationRate it:
TLSPTransport Layer Security ProtocolRate it:
TLTTest Loop TranslatorRate it:
TLUTrailer Locating UnitRate it:
TLUTransitional Lodging UnitRate it:
TLVTotal Lethal ValueRate it:
TLWThe Latest WordRate it:
TLXTeletypeRate it:
TMTechnical ManualRate it:
TMTeamRate it:
TMTheater MissileRate it:
TMTechnical MemosRate it:
TMTask MessageRate it:
TMTactical MissileRate it:
TMTarget MaterialsRate it:

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