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TEDTrunk Encryption DeviceRate it:
TEDTraining and Educational DevelopmentRate it:
TEDTRICARE Encounter DataRate it:
TEEDTactical End-to-End Encryption DeviceRate it:
TEEPTotal Effective Equipment PerformanceRate it:
TEEPTraining, Exercise, and Employment PlanRate it:
TEFThe Elite FraggersRate it:
TEGFETTwo-dimensional Electron Gas FETRate it:
TEHTest Equipment HouseRate it:
TEI&RTactical Engagement, Instrumentation and RangesRate it:
TEISSThe Enhanced Integrated Soldier SystemRate it:
TEKTeleEngineering KitRate it:
TELTransporter-Erector-Launcher (Missile Platform)Rate it:
TELTransporter- Erector- LauncherRate it:
TELTelephoneRate it:
TELARTransporter, Erector, Launcher And RadarRate it:
TELEMEDTelemedicineRate it:
TELERTelecommunications RequirementsRate it:
TELEXTeletypeRate it:
TELICTell Everyone Leave Is CancelledRate it:
TELINTTELemetry INTelligenceRate it:
TELNETTelecommunication NetworkRate it:
TELNETTeleconferencing NetworkRate it:
TEMtraumatic event managementRate it:
TEMTerrain Evaluation ModuleRate it:

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