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NASA Abbreviations

Browse 13,107 acronyms and abbreviations related to the NASA terminology and jargon.

WYRSWork YearsRate it:
WYUWhat You UseRate it:
WZWork ZoneRate it:
WZSWork Zone SafetyRate it:
WZSAWork Zone Safety AwarenessRate it:
WZSMWork Zone Safety ManualRate it:
WZSOWork Zone Safety OfficerRate it:
WZSPWork Zone Safety ProgramRate it:
WZTDWet Zenith Tropospheric DelayRate it:
WZTSWork Zone Traffic SignalRate it:
X6-12 Ghz Frequency BandRate it:
XTrans-Rate it:
X'X-axis Rate of ChangeRate it:
X''X-axis Rate of AccelerationRate it:
XBExperimental Bomber prototypeRate it:
XCVRTransceiverRate it:
XDAX-ray Detector AssemblyRate it:
XDCExternal Data CenterRate it:
XDCRTransducerRate it:
XDRExternal Data RepresentationRate it:
XDTXUV Doppler TelescopeRate it:
XDWeXtreme Damaging WindRate it:
XFDCrossFeeDRate it:
XFERTransFERRate it:
XFTeXtremely Fast TrackerRate it:

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