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Physics Abbreviations

Browse 3,142 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Physics terminology and jargon.

STLRSafety Thermal Limit RecorderRate it:
STMScanning Tunnelling MicroscopeRate it:
STMscanning tunneling microscopyRate it:
STNSuper-Twisted NematicRate it:
STPSpace Time ProductRate it:
STPSolar Terrestrial PhysicsRate it:
STPDSolar Terrestrial Physics DivisionRate it:
STSscanning tunneling spectroscopyRate it:
STSPSolar Terrestrial and Space PhysicsRate it:
STTSpin Transfer TorqueRate it:
STTSpinning Tube in TubeRate it:
STVSpace-Time VelocityRate it:
SUSuperultramodern UnificationRate it:
SUBISouthern Urals Biophysics InstituteRate it:
SUNASubmersible Ultraviolet Nitrate AnalyzerRate it:
SUSYSUper SYmmetryRate it:
SVShort VectorRate it:
SVTSilicon Vertex TriggerRate it:
SWSurface WaveRate it:
SWSheikhholeslami-WohlertRate it:
SWSame WaveRate it:
SWAMStanding Wave Area MonitorRate it:
SWAPShort Wavelength Automated PerimetryRate it:
SWATHSmall Waterplane Area Twin HullRate it:
SWBXTSynchrotron White Beam X-ray TopographyRate it:

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