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Astronomy Abbreviations

Browse 985 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Astronomy terminology and jargon.

APTAstro-Photography ToolRate it:
AQRAquariusRate it:
ARAAAnnual Review of Astronomy and AstrophysicsRate it:
ARASAstronomical Ring for Access to SpectroscopyRate it:
ArASArmenian Astronomical SocietyRate it:
ARGUSAstronomical Research Group Under StarsRate it:
ARNAstronomical Research NetworkRate it:
AROArizona Radio ObservatoryRate it:
AROAlgonquin Radio ObservatoryRate it:
ASASAll Sky Automated SurveyRate it:
ASBDAstronomical Surveys and Big DataRate it:
ASCAAdvanced Satellite For Cosmology And AstronomyRate it:
ASCHAlien Societies Culture And HistoryRate it:
ASKAPAustralian Square Kilometre Array PathfinderRate it:
ASKCAstronomical Society of Kansas CityRate it:
ASLVAugumented Satellite Launch VehicleRate it:
ASTApparent Solar TimeRate it:
ASTACAstronomy Supercomputer Time Allocation CommitteeRate it:
ASWGAstronomical Science Working GroupRate it:
ASWGATST (Advanced Technology Solar Telescope) Science Working GroupRate it:
ATLASAdvanced Technology Large-Aperture Space TelescopeRate it:
ATMApollo Telescope MountRate it:
ATMAmateur Telescope MakerRate it:
ATMAmateur Telescope MakingRate it:
ATPIAstronomy Through Practical InvestigationsRate it:

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