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Emoticons Abbreviations

Browse 357 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Emoticons terminology and jargon.

:-D~Heavy smokerRate it:
:-EDisappointedRate it:
:-EClenched teethRate it:
:-FSticking out tongueRate it:
:-IPondering, or impartialRate it:
:-IWry smile or half-smileRate it:
:-JTongue in cheekRate it:
:-JOne-sided smileRate it:
:-KPuzzlementRate it:
:-LOne-sided smileRate it:
:-MSpeak no evilRate it:
:-OOpen-mouthed, surprisedRate it:
:-OSurprised look, or yawnRate it:
:-PSticking out tongueRate it:
:-PWinkingRate it:
:-P'''''DroolingRate it:
:-P~Heavy smokerRate it:
:-QTongue hanging out in disgust, or a smokerRate it:
:-Q~SmokingRate it:
:-RSticking tongue outRate it:
:-SWhat?!Rate it:
:-SConfusedRate it:
:-TUnsmileyRate it:
:-VShoutingRate it:
:-XMy lips are sealed; or a kissRate it:

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