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QRQuintessentially RocketteRate it:
QTQuacked TotallyRate it:
QUIZQuestion Under Intelligent ZoneRate it:
QWERTYQuadratic Welding of Etherogeneous Rasterization Trigonometry of YodaRate it:
QWESTQualified Worst Ever Service TeamsRate it:
QWESTQualified With Every Special ThingsRate it:
RRalphableRate it:
RARetarded ArseholeRate it:
RARipped AnalholeRate it:
RARicks AcademyRate it:
RAAFRoyal Australian Acronym FactoryRate it:
RAAFRoswell Army Air ForceRate it:
RACResident Anime CharacterRate it:
RACHELRainbow Atheistic Cheerful Helping Elected LovingRate it:
RACHELRather Adorable Cool-kid Happy Energetic LovingRate it:
RACHELRocking Around Chistmas Holidays Elves LaughRate it:
RaCOoNRandom A**holes Coming Out of nowhereRate it:
RADRatboy Ardent DevoteesRate it:
RADReally Awesome DudeRate it:
RADRecycling Alien DudeRate it:
RADRapid Agony DistributorRate it:
RADIORemote Audio Discrete Integrated OscillationsRate it:
RAERapid Automatic ExcuseRate it:
RAFRetired And FreeRate it:
RAFRetaliated Air ForceRate it:

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