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Funnies Abbreviations

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PMSPretty Much StubbornRate it:
PMTPrattish Male TendanciesRate it:
PMWPrime Minister's WisdomRate it:
PNPottsie NationRate it:
PNACPretty Nasty American ConservativesRate it:
PNACParanoid Nuclear Arsenal ControllersRate it:
PNBPerfectly Normal BeastRate it:
PNDPost Nuptual DepressionRate it:
PNPPatty N PoohRate it:
PNPPlug aNd PrayRate it:
PNSPin Number SyndromeRate it:
PNTRPermanent Normal Tyranny RewardRate it:
POPig OutRate it:
POBAPlain 'Old Balloon' AngioplastyRate it:
POCPurple Ondi CrewRate it:
POCPissed Off ClassRate it:
PODPlant Only DaisiesRate it:
PODParty Of DarknessRate it:
PODPoor Onerous DipRate it:
PODPile Of DungRate it:
POETSPush Off Early, Tomorrow is SaturdayRate it:
POFPhsyco Op FridayRate it:
POGPreviously Owned GiftRate it:
POHParty On HeatherRate it:
POINTPursuing Our Italian Names TogetherRate it:

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