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Mathematics Abbreviations

Browse 3,204 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Mathematics terminology and jargon.

!FactorialRate it:
"Second derivativeRate it:
#NumberRate it:
%Per CentRate it:
( ]Half Open Set on the LeftRate it:
()Open SetRate it:
*MultiplicationRate it:
-SubtractionRate it:
-1'Minus One DashRate it:
/DivisionRate it:
00110The binary representation for the number 6Rate it:
121One-to-One correspondenceRate it:
1NFFirst Normal FormRate it:
2DTwo DimensionalRate it:
2DFTTwo-Dimensional Fourier TransformRate it:
2DPTwo Decimal PlacesRate it:
2DTFTwo-Dimensional Transfer FunctionRate it:
2NFSecond Normal FormRate it:
3-DThree DimensionalRate it:
3-DOFThree Degrees of FreedomRate it:
3DThree DimensionalRate it:
3DOFThree Degrees Of FreedomRate it:
3KM3 KillometersRate it:
3NFThird Normal FormRate it:
4DFour-DimensionalRate it:

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