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Mathematics Abbreviations

Browse 3,179 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Mathematics terminology and jargon.

CAPCoefficients And PropertiesRate it:
CAPTCoverage Analysis And Planning ToolRate it:
CARCanonical Anti-commutation RelationsRate it:
CARCompression Alogrithm RoutineRate it:
CARSComputer Algebra Riemann SurfaceRate it:
CASConjugate Anti-symmetric SimilarRate it:
CASComplex Adaptive SystemRate it:
CASComputer Algebra SystemRate it:
CASMCapital Area Science and MathematicsRate it:
CATComplementary Angle TheoremRate it:
CATAMComputer Aided Teaching Of All MathematicsRate it:
CBAComplete Boolean AlgebraRate it:
CBCCoset By CosetRate it:
CBCConstruction By CosetsRate it:
CBCGCaption-Based Constraint GeneratorRate it:
CBMPCommunity Based Mathematics ProjectRate it:
CBUDConcise Bounded Usage DescriptionRate it:
CBVComputable real functions of Bounded VariationRate it:
CCCorrelation CoefficientRate it:
CCConvex CombinationRate it:
CCConvexo-ConcaveRate it:
CCComplex ConjugateRate it:
CCConjugated ComplexRate it:
CCAAComplete Collection of Algorithm AnimationsRate it:
CCAMCenter for Computational and Applied MathematicsRate it:

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