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COBOLCOmmon Business-Oriented Language    
COCGConjugate Orthogonal Conjugate Gradient    
COECoefficient Of Expansion    
COECorrection Of Error    
COGClusters of Orthologous Groups    
COMCCanadian Open Mathematics Challenge    
COMPASSCOMPuter ASSurance Conference    
COPCoefficient Of Performance    
COSHHyperbolic Co-Sine    
COTCube Of Trees    
COTHHyperbolic Co-Tangent    
COTTClash Of The Theorem    
COVCoefficient Of Variation    
CPClosure Preserving    
CPCompletely Positive    
CPCritical Point    
CPCyclic Permutation    
CPCyclic Prefix    
CPCTCCorresponding Parts of Congruent Triangles are Congruent    
CPECumulative Percentage of Eigenvalues    
CpkProcess Capability Index    
CPORClusted Partial Order Reduction    

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