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AALCAmphibious Assault Landing CraftRate it:
ABCrane Ship (Auxiliary, Boom)Rate it:
ABSDAdvanced Base Sectional DockRate it:
ACaircraft carrierRate it:
ACCollier (Auxiliary, Coal)Rate it:
ACCaircraft carrierRate it:
ACPBArmidale Class Patrol BoatRate it:
ACRArmored CruiserRate it:
ACSAuxiliary Crane ShipRate it:
ADDestroyer Tender (Auxiliary, Destroyer)Rate it:
ADGDe-gaussing ship (Auxiliary, DeGaussing)Rate it:
ADSAir Defence ShipRate it:
AEAmmunition ship (Auxiliary, Explosives)Rate it:
AFAll ForwardRate it:
AFStores Ship (Auxiliary, Freight)Rate it:
AFDBFloating Drydock, Large (Auxiliary, Floating Drydock, Big)Rate it:
AFDLFloating Drydock, Small (Auxiliary, Floating Drydock, Light)Rate it:
AFDMFloating Drydock, Medium (Auxiliary, Floating Drydock, medium)Rate it:
AFSCombat Stores Ship (Auxiliary, Freight, Stores)Rate it:
AGGeneral Auxiliary (Auxiliary, General)Rate it:
AGBIcebreaker (Auxiliary, General, Icebreaker)Rate it:
AGCCommand Ship (Auxiliary, General, Command)Rate it:
AGDEDestroyer Escort Research ship (Auxiliary, General, Destroyer Escort)Rate it:
AGEHHydrofoil Research Ship (Auxiliary, General, Experimental, Hydrofoil)Rate it:
AGEREnvironmental Research Ship (Auxiliary, General, Environmental Research)Rate it:

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