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Toronto Stock Exchange Abbreviations

Browse 1,478 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Toronto Stock Exchange terminology and jargon.

CDFCanadian Convertible Debenture FundRate it:
CDGCandente Gold CorporationRate it:
CDHCorridor Resources, IncorporatedRate it:
CDLCorby Distilleries LimitedRate it:
CDMCoeur d'Alene Mines CorporationRate it:
CDSBarrick Energy IncorporatedRate it:
CDUCardero Resource CorporationRate it:
CDVCOM DEV International LTD. (de-listed)Rate it:
CDWCanadian Wireless TrustRate it:
CDZClaymore Standard & Poors/Toronto Stock Exchange Canadian Dividend Exchange Traded FundRate it:
CEECentamin Egypt LimitedRate it:
CEFCentral Fund of Canada LimitedRate it:
CEKCaspian Energy Incorporated (de-listed)Rate it:
CETCathedral Energy Services LTD.Rate it:
CEUCanadian Energy Services & Technology CorporationRate it:
CEWClaymore Equal Weight Bank & Lifeco Exchange Traded FundRate it:
CEZCalmena Energy Services Incorporated (de-listed)Rate it:
CFCanaccord Financial, Inc.Rate it:
CFBChieftain Metals Incorporated (de-listed)Rate it:
CFGCluff Gold, P.L.C. (de-listed)Rate it:
CFNCarfinco Income FundRate it:
CFPCanfor CorporationRate it:
CFSCanadian Financials and Utilities Split CorporationRate it:
CFTCE Franklin LTD.Rate it:
CFWCalfrac Well Services LTD.Rate it:

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