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PFQPromoted From Qualifiers
JBAjust barely audible (radio communications)
LFHQLensflare Headquarters
IYCInternational Youth Club
WEWeek End
WL6Whwn your penis is way to small and your balls are so big they cover your penis.
IIWPGInternational Insurance Whiplash Prevention Group
UNSUBIt means we watch too much Crimal Minds.
AUHHHIt is when you start to cum and it feels nice
AROMin purchasing we us AROM for After Receipt of Material. When asking a vendor for a quote to perform a service we may ask the estimated completion time AROM.
ERFExtended rear facing (car seats)
JEEPJust Enough Exploding Parts
CAPCertified Administrative Professional
kermit sewer slideKermit Sewer slide - 1. to commit a hilarious suicide 2. a phrase to joke around about committing suicide
PCTProximal Tubule Cell
GIEPGerman Immersion Extension Program
FENKUA person or an organization that boasts and misleads people.
DFPDiamonds From Past
RRJReading Response Journal
CUTLASSCrosses Units Title Line Axes Smooth Size
CHOBLEChannel of blessings
ILHSFMI Lived Here Since February-March

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