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OH MY RAOh my Ra- as in the Egyptian sun god. It means "Oh My God". It is also used by Adam Lambert.
IOInstitute of
WTFWelcome to facebook
OMFGOh My Fucking Gosh/God
GPAGroup Personal Accident
LTBELaplace Transform Boundary Elements
RMNAReir mis nalgas afuera
BMODBoard Member on Duty
MMBBMunch's Make Believe Band
TEKPshuT thE fucK uP
Non-Data PacketA non-data packet is any packet not containing user data.
MRNMy Real Name
IJWARNI just want a real nigga
NIGGER IN THE WOODPILEYour winter supply of wood is disappearing faster than it should, pointing to the fact that someone is taking your firewood and thus bennifits from your hard labor while simultaneously making you have to work harder.

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