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VDSMvery deep sub-micron
BJJYBudoshin Ju-Jitsu Yudanshakai
CUCChinese University in Cairo
COMPUTERAn Electronic Device Which Processes Data To Meaningful Information
HOTELHotel is a place where we provide food and accommodation to the customers at any cost.
SITStock In Trade
S.W.A.T.Soup with a teapot
ERSEngineering and Research & Development (R&D) Services
WOTworking of tottons (= sons of of a bitch)
NAPDNational Agriculturalist Personality Development centre
YEОна танцует на моем УЕ
RMCMRichy Mitch And The Coal Miners
JalrbJournal of Advanced Laboratory Research in Biology
FRAGNETIn 2017 the "FRAGNET" was invented by Canadian Pop Artist, Michael Chesney. In search of a catchy term for his new oversized "Fridge Magnets" the word Fragnet was appropriated into the Brand Name of these works of Magnetic Art. He is also responsible for the existential expose entitled "In the Future Everyone Will End Up On a Soupcan"... as well as with the invention of the Half Life Cigarette = 5 puff system.
Create a Real Income from Home (5093)Make an extra income working from the comfort of home. Visit our job site today to find the perfect job for you Data Entry, marketing, research, surveys, translators, writers, editor, photography and more https://goo.gl/btzo9e
STYLESave Time Yought Live Ever
SKASyed Kamran Ahmad SKA-The Name is Enough
PROPERTY PP1Probation Plan 1
HMILHonorary mother in law
FFFFuck fake freaks
PREDATORS NETWORKPredators Network is a pioneering technology experts that closely work with Startups , Industry Leaders to write the future business .
SAMPESingers Are Mad People in Entertainments

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