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THAARThis is a man name usually used in Arabic Countries. Thaar stands for Rebellion in English.
DLOLDied laughing out loud
MSNMy Social Network
BINWAREBinware Systems
REPORTING ODDS RATIO (ROR) ValueReporting Odds Ratio (ROR) Definition: 1. odds of an event = probability that the event occurs / probability that the event does not occur 2. odds ratio = odds for event in group 1 / odds for event in group 2 Predication/Interpretation: It is a measure of association. Statistical notation: ( Pr ( ae | drug) / Pr ( -ae | drug) ) / ( Pr (ae | -drug) / Pr ( -ae | drug ) ) Calculation [6-8, 11]: ROR = ( DE / De ) / ( dE / de ) = DE*de / De*dE Cut-off: As with the PRR and RRR, a ROR value of 2 can be used as threshold. However, usually the lower and upper bounds of the confidence interval of ROR are instead used (see below). The confidence interval must not cross the value 1 for statistical significance. Comparison to other uses: The ROR is the pharmacovigilance equivalent of the Odds Ratio (OR) which is used for case-control-studies. Comparison to PRR: The ROR will always be similar and a bit greater than PRR [10]. This was also shown for OR (≈ROR) and RR (≈PRR). Confidence Intervals for
CAST YOUR FATE TO THE WINDOne can direct one's life to achieve long-term goals, persevering in spite of "contrary winds". One could also take opportunities as they arise and go where they lead, with no long-term objective. This latter is "casting one's fate to the winds", letting one's fate be determined by the "winds that blow", as a sailor might go with the wind (to wherever) rather than tack contrary to the wind at times, in order to reach a predetermined destination. In the lyrics of "cast your fate to the winds", the protagonist ends up alone, He has gained experience (you're wise, you're smart"), but has not struggled to stay committed to relationships and thus has only "half a heart", having left when "a new breeze blew".
MOTHERMulti Talented Out Standing Teacher Helper Entertainer Respectful
FANTORIAA fantasy world and multimedia company created by author/illustrator, JQ Sirls.
CHPCCertified High Performance Coach
R.W.S.Revolutionary War Soldier
AHAzizul Haq
CYJChoi YoungJae
SFTWSearch for the worst
USLRUnited States Law Review
GSSgroup support system
4WHWho, What, Why, When, How
PSFQpump slowly fetch quickly
FLYNNThe Flynn effect is the substantial and long-sustained increase in both fluid and crystallized intelligence test scores measured in many parts of the world from roughly 1930 to the present day.
WRORWithout Rhyme or Reason
DRSSTCDual Resonant Solid State Tesla Coil
:XMouth Taped
AWSAAsian Wellness & Spa Academy
TVPTelewizja Polska (Polish TeleVision)

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