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VVPvagina vault prolapse
FNAFFive Nights at Freddy's
CEGConsensus Error Grid
PCA-HKperchloric acid hexokinase
HVLHardware Verification Language
EERPEXTENDED Enterprise resource planning
TIETrace, Implicate, Eliminate
CCRCentral Control Room
SLUTSexy Little Underaged Titty
NYTNot Yet Though
LACMLos Angeles Critical Mass
YUDMy Sister and I were having an argument and she said "...Y.U.D..." Later that day sh said that that meant "...Yes You Did..."
CWSCommunity Water Supply
5ESSClass 5 telephone electronic switching system developed by Western Electric
MLLFMinisterios Llamada Final
FMNOFirm Number (for McKinsey & Co. firm members)
装殓basically a casket for dead people(has to be full already); a person inside a casket
BCBCBrown Chicken Brown Cow
大器晩成Great talents mature late
JTNDTSJust Threw Nan Down The Stairs
HJPHHenry-Jean-Paul Hammelbeck
WDGWalddoerfer Gymnasium
RISPRichard Spiros

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