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FICOFair Isaac Corporation creator of the FICO credit score    
CWACommunication Workers of America    
IBEWInternational Brotherhood of Electrical Workers    
YMCAYoung Men's Christian Association    
HADRHumanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief    
WWIIWorld War Two    
GFTDGetting First Things Done    
WWIWorld War One    
WW1World War One    
SS#Social Security Number    
usbu suck balls    
WVwilliam vegan    
LEISANNature is a prime inspiration source for the tartar origin founder of the fashion house. Inspired by nature Leisan reveals new ideas and generates unique creative solutions. This leads to the natural handmade item’s uniqueness and exclusive quality. Leisan brand debuted in the fashion industry in 2005.    
IAIBInternational Association of Investment Bankers    
DADDDad's Against Drunk Driving    
MADDMother's Against Drunk Driving    
WVEWebsphere Virtual Enterprise    
SITE:WWW.MENEAME.NETThe etymology of the word “MENEAME” comes from the verb “MENEAR” that means to wiggle, to wag, to shake, to stir, to toss, to swing. Is has the suffix “ME”, Acts as a direct complement to “Menea” (1st person singular of the verb). Therefore “Menea-me” means …. Shake me, move me, wiggle me. This page is open to the general public who send news collected from any available published source: ie. Newspapers, web, blogs, etc. etc. As they appear in “Meneame” these news receive votes as well as comments. The more positiove moves they get, the higher their position in the popularity list. Many of the news moved here, appear in the TV news few days o even hours later.    
BTPBeta trace protein is a glycoprotein from the lipocalin protein family    
POOPPresident of our Place    
RUSRest Under Santa    
UBTUniversity of Business and Technology    
WWFIWe Work For Idiots    
MSRPManufacturer's Suggested Retail Price    
LGBTTPIQQ2SAALesbian, Gay, Transexual, Transgender, Pansexual, Intersex, Queer, Questioning, 2-Spirited, Asexual, Allies    

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