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WCYRwill convey your regards..
OCROptimal code recogniser
CHEVROLETCrappy, half-engineered vehicle, races only to loose every time
ASass satisfactory
BBBest Before
IECDInstitute of Entrepreneurship and carrer Development
ENASEastern North American Strafe
SKUSuper Kinies United
SAGStandard Accounting Group
MAL BURUUThe simplified Chinese for Mal Buruu is 马尔·布鲁 Mal Buruu originated in Jamaica and has to do with the reggae pop genre of music. It is Absolutely FANTASTIC. Life is Fantastic - Mal Buruu.
UNDAVUniversidad Nacional de Avellaneda. It's a university in Argentina.
SOTSSettings Other Than Schools
TTASTotal Transfer Approval Submission
LBNLegal Business Name
BAMBAIE"Wat a liiv an bambaie" - means literally, "What is left for by and by" "What will be left",
CROChevys rap out
FORDFound Out Rescuing Dodges
GAKit means get arse kicked
RetribulationAbout trials
NICCNational Indian Cannabis Coalition
OLHOld Lady Here
BCWDBomber Command Weekly Digest (II WW)
ENIEuropean Neighbourhood Instrument

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