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ITPRIndividualized Treatment Plan Review
UCRUrgent Copy Request
MVEMJSUNMercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune (My Educated Mother Just Served Us Nachos
LMAQLet Me Ask a Question
HPhomosexual pleb
FSGBFacilicom Services Group Belgium
ITPFInternational Tent Pegging Federation
TONTOGANY, OHNamed after a Indian chief from the Miami tribe.
DIARRHOEADrowning In A Really Runny Heap Of Endless Amounts
JAGJunior Administrative Grade
SGODso good
WBOEWage based on experience
WWJDWhat would Jax do?
YMTFyoung man takes Friday of
RDTRencontre Du Temps
TLStls means true love sister
YMPYoung money pushpop
MTOMaterial Take-Off
FBLA-PBLfucking bitches
GATTGay Ass Tater-Tot
MTLMedical Laboratory Technician
OTJout this joint
WVCWittgenstein and the Vienna Circle
SMTRDsuck my tootsie roll dick

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