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MDARSMobile Detection Assessment and Response System
90210The state of acting like you live in the television show, Beverly Hills 90210. "OMG that is SO 90210" (re: highly dramatic situation or conflict)
TASCTinned Annealed Stranded Copper
GETPGraduate Engineering Training Program
Citizenshipthe status of a citizen with rights and duties
MEGAZE.RUЗаработок в интернете
TTLTextile testing laboratory
SIFIScience fiction
ERPEvent representative person
PROSSMATECProgressive magnetic system
DIDDays In December
ETOPSEconomics Took Over Passenger Safety
SPSSamples Per Second
MCRmaximum continuous ratings
MNVVM Nateshvishnuvarrthan
Only Non-CanadiansRoom is perfect for international students: hypocritalese meaning perfect for non-canadian students.
WYNWhat's Your Name
GMGood Morning
APEURAp European History
GMRYFor many years: Grocery Manufactures Representatives of Youngstown
OMGGGThis is how faggot millennials type on a computer because they are too lazy to actually spell the whole word. LAZY!!!

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