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ACROBATEDThe meaning, if any, in any English Dictionary.
RFGRobert Francis Gold
SPEMSoftware & Systems Process Engineering Metamodel
IDOTI Dentist Organization Team
GHANAGod Has Appointed Nicodemus Already
OWSCall-way stop-control
SSN(V3)SafeSeaNet (version 3)
IFCDInterface and Functionalities Control Document (of SSN)
FALIMOFALIMO Convention on Facilitation of International Maritime Traffic Organization, 1965, as amended
D. heating
CPVCommunist Party of Viet Nam
DBBIDesign- Bid-Build and Installation
DBBDesign- Bid-Build
DSENREDepartment of Science, Education, Natural Resources and Environment
DRRMDisaster Risk Reduction and Management
DNDomain name
CSDMCentre for Sustainable Development in Mountainous Areas
CSCN-Cyber Security at Civil Nuclear
NSRNew Silk Road
ATWAAir, Trees, Water, Animals (System of a Down song)
MFHMolly fish hobbiest
FPENSFederal pens

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