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BIinto both girls and guys, bisexual
REIReally Expensive Items
CAPEC-Culture A-Academic P-Politics E-Education
W/H MEANING MEDICAL PRESCRIBTIONW/H meaning in medical prescription
UITBUdhay is the BEST!!
OPIOperating Performance Index
TORRIEThe finest hoe you would ever get She is one of the biggest bitch you will find She is nice but mean at the same time
Mzaar KfardebianThe biggest ski resort in the middle east located in Lebanon (Kfardebian) and one of the 5 most important ski resort in the world
HAWBSHAWBS - Best CSGO clan EU - RIP MrSwindon 19/02/2017 - National passion day :)
HAWBSBest clan EU - CSGO Pro's
I.V.M.In Verband Met
AED MACHINEAutomated External Defribilator
THAARThis is a man name usually used in Arabic Countries. Thaar stands for Rebellion in English.
RICHRisk Intelligence Challenging hope
HBPSHakodate Bayside Party Slam.
MSNMy Social Network
BLACK SAUSAGES type of sausage usually made of pig meat na blood. It is common in Great Britain and Ireland, but also very popular in Balkans where it is called "krvavica", especially during the time of "kolinje" when pigs are traditionally slaughtered.
AMABAssigned Male At Birth
AFABAssigned Female At Birth
GGSSGandang Ganda Sa Sarili
OINDOften Imitated Never Duplicated
H.L.Hypotenuse Leg high school geometry
BORDER ON OBSESSIONIts a person who's in love with someone else but trys to date someone close in the family to get back at them.
FCIFood corporation of india

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