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XODAPower & Energy
OPZONEOptimum Zone
OOCAOut of control animal! RIP Jim Carey
BYOLBring Your Own Lunch
SATSurvive and Thrive
DP&aWDouble Pistol & a Wink
FOBFall Out Boy
P!ATDPanic!At The Disco
MWBMy Water Broke
SBTStaffordshire Bull Terrier
UAASUnited Association of Alternative Science
BADDBlogging Against Disablism Day
GMSSGem and Mineral Society of Syracuse
KMFFKarl-May-(Film)Fan-Gruppe, Berlin, Germany
SG IRONSpheroidal Graphite Iron is the full form of SG Iron
SSSSuction Specific Speed
MTNLMahanagar Telecom Nigam Limited
AOHArnot Ogden Hospital
TTFNTickle tickle fora nickle
ICBInventory Cleaner Bet
VOMITvictims of modern imaging technology
IIPInternet information provider
FTMEFuck the middle east

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