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GTRGot That Right
WERF AROUNDWhat a country person does when they mess around on their honey. Could be flirting could be just hanging out with your buds drinking. Could be straight up serious getting down if ya get my drift.
YOMENU"Yomenu" is an abbreviation of the name Benyomin, with the diminutive addition of the 'u' at the end showing particular affection.
DNDDo Not Disturb
MURMake Up Room
PGBSPlease Google Before Sharing
IPTXIatrogenic pneumothorax
ICDSIntegrated Care and Discharge Support
TRIVAGOTrip, vacation, go!!
278 meaningAccording to ancient textbook's, its meaning varies. One example : "He or she shall be able to see & seek confirmation of the afterlife, they shall not speak or try to promote there gift as they risk being cursed" - Native American Rozene. Males or female with the marking of 278 tend to seek a quite lifestyle in which ancient texts require them to do so. Studies have found there lifespans can begin between June 1st - June 30th and then should end between September 1st - September 30th these months can also be reversed. No known record for the oldest 278 has been ever documented but as records show they tend to live from mid twenties to early thirties. Now to the big question what has brought you here are you one of them or do you think you know one.
240M240 machine gun
LPMLocal Presence Management
WSOHWicked Sense Of Humour
ILMSGI love My Smart Girl
AWAFUAmerican Woman (or Women) All Fucked UP - Adjective phrase describing unique psychological, emotional, physical, and intellectual dysfunction found in American females.
WDYEWhat Did You Eat?
DNODid not obtain (medical)
ASARGAustralasian Skill Acquisition Research Group
KOSDFFKill On Sight Don't Fucking Flinch
PMAPhysical Media Attachment
STAStatic Timing Analysis

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