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PSRPHP Standart Recommendation
NNYNet National Income
ODMOne Day Millionaire
JQJewish Question
LANLick My Ass Niece
CROChevys rap out
FORDFound Out Rescuing Dodges
GAKit means get arse kicked
RetribulationAbout trials
NICCNational Indian Cannabis Coalition
OLHOld Lady Here
BCWDBomber Command Weekly Digest (II WW)
ENIEuropean Neighbourhood Instrument
INTERNET NOT RESPONDINGInternet not responding / your internet has poor quality
CBPSCovariate Balancing Propensity Score
MENNATULLAHA gift from god
SSBSuper Smash Bros
FMAS"Freezing my ass off" Im freezing my ass off right now.
YBFWhy Be Friends
QADQatar Academy Doha
FATTERYSomeone who is fat. Or could be referred to the place fat people live like a cattery for cats.
CBOClean Before Operating

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