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WTAWhat's that about?
KPMKey Product Management
OCJPOracle Certified Java Programmer
RNRight Now
FCVFree call value
ISGInnovative Strategic Growth
SSPsuggested selling price
DODO is also an early abbreviation of Ditto
CTHCanny Technologies
RHKRoyal honor knight
CATScreating awkwardness to snitches
NFNot Fratty
F.W.Yfor your information
CHERVORLETCan Hear Every Valve Rattle On Long Extended Trips
BCBuilders Club
NWPONap With Pants Off
LOLLord Of Lizards
ALTA Litteral Toot
CMCECertified Massage Cupping Educator
CRUISECan't Really Understand Italian Speak English
YSGYellow Shirt Guy
CPSSContinuous Patient Surveillance System
NYSNANew York State Nurses Association
POPrevious Owner
WHSLwholesale price

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