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NRANational Roaming Agreement
TITHToad In The Hole
PRMOPre-Regional Maths Olympiad
CWTCorporate Work Transfer
ESSOLDOA name made up from the use of bits of christian names of the founder, Solomon Sheckman , and his wife Esther and daughter Doris. Es. Sol. Do.
EPCCExploration Production Concession Contract
10101Commonly the numerical form of the Yin Yang
IWKI Was Kidding
OCCorganization of the Caribbean community
NEW ORLEANS, LALA New Orleans stand for Louisiana.
penispenile erection nicked in style
FUCKF**k your friends
SINGSomething Inbuilt for Nature's Good
LBWLightly blemished wholes (used of nuts)
Baha'i EraBE
YKWTFGOYou Know What The Fuck Going On
RTFResidential treatment facility
DBFDragon Ball FighterZ
FLAMESFriends,love, affair, marriage,enemy, sexy love
EBCUEmissions-Based Currency Unit
RNRight now
SNBKSolar Non-Bank (SNBK) is a platform that enables A global solution for renewable energy abundance. Crowdfunded peer-to-peer lending for Photovoltaic Projects.

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