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Chemistry Abbreviations

Browse 3,536 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Chemistry terminology and jargon.

RTARubidium Titanyl ArsenateRate it:
RTDRelative Temperature DeviceRate it:
RTECSRegistry Of Toxic Effects Of Chemical SubstancesRate it:
RTPRoom Temperature and PressureRate it:
RTPWResistance at the Triple Point of WaterRate it:
RTVRoom Temperature VulcanizingRate it:
RTVRoom Temperature VulcanizerRate it:
RuRutheniumRate it:
RUORuthenium OxideRate it:
RVRealized VolatilityRate it:
RVReferenced VariableRate it:
RVReduced ViscosityRate it:
RVDRegulatory Volume DecreaseRate it:
RVPReid Vapor PressureRate it:
RXNSReactionsRate it:
SSulfurRate it:
SSaturatingRate it:
SsulphurRate it:
s.g.specific gravityRate it:
SASilver AzideRate it:
SAASet Accelerating AgentRate it:
SAAStandard Aggregate Au (Gold)Rate it:
SAASurface Active AgentRate it:
SACStrong Acid CationRate it:
SACSulfuric Acid ConcentrationRate it:

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