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Chemistry Abbreviations

Browse 3,561 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Chemistry terminology and jargon.

RORed OxideRate it:
ROCSRapid Overlay Of Chemical StructuresRate it:
rOEFRelative Oxygen Extraction FractionRate it:
ROESYRotational Overhauser Effect SpectroscopYRate it:
ROHSRestriction Of Hazardous SubstancesRate it:
ROIRadius Of InfluenceRate it:
ROIVRemotely Operated Isolation ValveRate it:
ROSRate Of SulfationRate it:
ROSRadical Oxygen SpeciesRate it:
ROSReactive Oxygen SpeciesRate it:
ROSRate Of OxidationRate it:
RPBRelease Prevention BarrierRate it:
RPCRRealtime Polymerase Chain ReactionRate it:
RPRRapid Plasma ReaginRate it:
RQYRelative Quantum YieldRate it:
RRRapid RiseRate it:
RSARadical Scavenging ActivityRate it:
RSCRotamer Side-ChainRate it:
RSDReactive Sputter DepositionRate it:
RSPMRespirable Suspended Particulate MatterRate it:
RSRReal Space R-factorRate it:
RSVReduced Specific ViscosityRate it:
RTReagent TypeRate it:
RTRoom TemperatureRate it:
RTARubidium Titanyl ArsenateRate it:

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