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Chemistry Abbreviations

Browse 3,511 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Chemistry terminology and jargon.

QDHQuercitin DiHydrateRate it:
QF-PCRQuantitative Fluorescent-Polymerase Chain ReactionRate it:
QFECQuantitative Formalin Ethyl acetate ConcentrationRate it:
QHPQuinolide Hydro- PeroxideRate it:
QLLQuasi- Liquid LayerRate it:
QNB3-QuiNuclidinyl BenzilateRate it:
QNXQuiNuclidinyl- XantheneRate it:
QNX4QuiNuclidinyl- XantheneRate it:
QOBQuestions Of BalanceRate it:
QOHQuaternary HydroxideRate it:
QOXQuantity of OxideRate it:
QPQuenching ProfileRate it:
QPQuantization ParameterRate it:
QPCAQuantitative Physical Chemical AnalysisRate it:
QPMQuench Protection MonitorRate it:
QPYQuaterPYridineRate it:
QRQuantized ReductionRate it:
QSQuality SystemsRate it:
QSQuickSilverRate it:
QSARQuantitative Structure Activity RelationshipRate it:
QSPCCanonical Spagyric Quintessence Of ParacelsusRate it:
QVLQuantum Vortex LiquidRate it:
QWIPQuantum Well Infrared PhotodetectorRate it:
RReactiveRate it:

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