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Laboratory Abbreviations

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LVRLaboratory of Vision Research, RUTGERS UniversityRate it:
LVTSLaboratory for Vascular Translational ScienceRate it:
LWAALaboratory Waste Accumulation AreaRate it:
LWGLCSIRO Land and Water Griffith LaboratoryRate it:
M-SpikeMonoclonal SpikeRate it:
MAMonophyletic AssemblageRate it:
mABMonoclonal AntiBodyRate it:
MABLMobile Aquatic Barotrauma LaboratoryRate it:
MACMinimum Alveolar ConcentrationRate it:
MACMycobacterium avium complexRate it:
MACLMid America Clinical LaboratoriesRate it:
MACLModal Analysis and Controls LaboratoryRate it:
MACSMulticenter Aids Cohort StudyRate it:
MACSMulti Aids Cohort StudyRate it:
MADMethod Accuracy DescriptionRate it:
MADMitotic Arrest DeficientRate it:
MAIMycobaterium Avium IntercellureRate it:
MAICMajor Analytical Instrumentation CenterRate it:
MAL IIMaackia amurensis II lectinRate it:
MALDI-TOFMatrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Time-Of-FlightRate it:
MALLMallardRate it:
MALTmucosa-associated lymphoid tissueRate it:
MAOMono Amine OxidaseRate it:
MAPMedical Assistance ProgramRate it:
MAPMaster Amino Acid PatternRate it:

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