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Laboratory Abbreviations

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MBPMajor Basic ProteinRate it:
MBRLMusculoskeletal Biomechanics Research LaboratoryRate it:
MBSMhc Based SuppressionRate it:
MBTMechanical Biological TreatmentRate it:
MCHMean Corpuscular HemoglobinRate it:
MCHMelanin Concentrating HormoneRate it:
MCHCMean Corpuscular Hemoglobin ConcentrationRate it:
MCIMild Cognitive ImpairmentRate it:
MCLMaximum Concentration LevelRate it:
MCMLMobile Computing and Multimedia LaboratoryRate it:
MCMVMaize Chlorotic Mottle VirusRate it:
MCPCMicrobial Community Profiling and CharacterisationRate it:
mCPPmeta-ChloroPhenylPiperazineRate it:
MCSMicroscopyRate it:
MCSFMacrophage Colony-Stimulating FactorRate it:
MCSLMedical Computer Systems LaboratoryRate it:
MCSLMunsell Color Science LaboratoryRate it:
MCTMedium Chain TriglycerideRate it:
MCVMean Corpuscular VolumeRate it:
MDMalate DehydrogenaseRate it:
MDMale treated with DeoxycorticosteroneRate it:
MDMedical DoctorRate it:
MDMedium DosageRate it:
MDMethylDopaRate it:
MDMinimum DosageRate it:

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