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PULPolyester Urethane LaminateRate it:
PURPolyURethaneRate it:
PVAPolyVinyl AcrylicRate it:
PVBPolyVinyl ButyralRate it:
PVCPlasticized Vitreous CompoundRate it:
PVCPolyVinyl ChlorideRate it:
PVDCPolyVinyliDene ChlorideRate it:
PVDFPolyVinyliDene FluorideRate it:
PVEPoly Vinyl EthyleneRate it:
PVFPoly- Vinyl FluorideRate it:
PVOHPolyVinyl AlcoholRate it:
PVPPoly- Vinyl PyrrolidoneRate it:
PZPolyphosphazene RubberRate it:
PZSPolarized PolycarbonateRate it:
PZTLead Zirconium TitanateRate it:
QTRQuality Thermoplastic ResinsRate it:
RRubberRate it:
RBUReaction Bonded UrethaneRate it:
REJASERE-using Junk As Something ElseRate it:
REPFRigid Expanded Polyurethane FoamRate it:
RIMReaction Injection MoldingRate it:
RPAReactive Polyurothane AdhesiveRate it:
RPPReinforced PolyPropyleneRate it:
RPTFEReinforced PolytetrafluoroethyleneRate it:
RRIMReinforced Reaction Injection MoldingRate it:

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