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Unix Commands Abbreviations

Browse 204 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Unix Commands terminology and jargon.

*Wild Card in searchesRate it:
.Current directoryRate it:
..Parent directoryRate it:
...dDaemonRate it:
...wmwindow managerRate it:
/DivisionRate it:
?Place holder for a single characterRate it:
adbAdvanced DeBuggerRate it:
arARchiverRate it:
asASsemblerRate it:
atobASCII TO Binary conversionRate it:
awkAho, Weinberger, and KernighanRate it:
AWKIts a unix command and its a combination of grep and sed command (not an acronym)Rate it:
bashBourne Again SHellRate it:
bcBasic CalculatorRate it:
bshBourne SHellRate it:
btoaConvert Binary TO ASCIIRate it:
C89ANSI X3.159-1989 C compilerRate it:
calCALendarRate it:
catConCATenateRate it:
cbC BeautifierRate it:
ccC CompilerRate it:
CCSCommon Comand SetRate it:
chgrpCHanGe GRouPRate it:
chmodCHange MODeRate it:

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