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Unix Commands Abbreviations

Browse 204 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Unix Commands terminology and jargon.

SIGCONTSIGnal: CONTinueRate it:
SIGEMTsignal: EMT instructionRate it:
SIGFPEsignal: floating point exceptionRate it:
SIGHUPsignal: hangupRate it:
SIGILLsignal: illegal instructionRate it:
SIGINTsignal: interruptionRate it:
SIGIOsignal: input/output (possible or completed)Rate it:
SIGSEGVsignal: segmentation violationRate it:
SIGSYSSIGnal: SYStem call bad argumentRate it:
SIGTERMSIGnal: TERMinateRate it:
SIGTSTPSignal: terminal stopRate it:
SIGTTINSIGnal: TTY INputRate it:
SIGTTOUSIGnal: TTY OUtputRate it:
SIGURGsignal: urgent I/O conditionRate it:
SIGUSR1signal: user-defined signal 1Rate it:
SIGUSR2signal: user-defined signal 2Rate it:
SIGWINCHsignal: window (size) changedRate it:
sttyset ttyRate it:
suSuperUserRate it:
syncsynchronizeRate it:
szsend Z-modemRate it:
tarTape ARchiverRate it:
tblTaBLeRate it:
tclshTCL (Tool Command Language) SHellRate it:
tcshTenex C SHellRate it:

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